How to Build a Laundry App Like Cleanly – Cost & Features


Varsha Ojha

Jan 12, 2024

The laundry app is your one-stop solution where every fabric enjoys a gentle and refreshing breeze. Here, ‘wash n wear’ wizards can magically transform your laundry into perfection, Imagine you are getting late for the office but have your clean clothes, expertly folded and ready to wear. In this way, you can help yourself stop hurrying and reach the office on time.

Yes, this can be possible with the mindblowing laundry service app that can be developed by following simple and easy steps carefully. Let’s bring your imagination to life by building an app for laundry service.

What is a Cleanly App?

A mobile app named Cleanly is designed to schedule and handle professional laundry and cleaning services in offices and homes. This app enables the users to book appointments, determine their cleaning priorities or preferences and track their advancement.

The app development trends in Cleanly often provide features like price estimates, tracing the real-time of the cleaners and securing the methodologies of payment. The procedure of locating and organising the cleaning agents is made effortless and manageable by these apps, These laundry applications made it seamless and easy to maintain and handle a tidy and ordered home or workplace.

Having said that, if you want to develop the best app for laundry, make sure to seek help from the Android App development service providers who can bring your vision to reality.

Key Features for the Laundry Application Development Like Cleanly

Getting confused when deciding on what type of features you should include in your laundry app is normal, Well, there are multiple elements that should be developed in an application for laundry such as an admin panel, laundry owner panel, and client panel, depending on the requirements of the business.

Let’s understand what type of key features should be included in your dry cleaning application in order to make it better and unique than your competitors in order to stand out.

Customer Panel

The customer panel in a laundry shop app will include seamless sign-up or sign-in, schedule, estimated cost, notifications, order status, order cancellation, and payments.

Let’s learn about them in a bit more detail and comprehensive way.

1. Seamless Sign-Up/Sign-in

With the help of simple coding for app development, a sign-in or sign-up option should be included in a mobile application, With the help of this, your customers will be able to join your app by registering themselves via a wide range of methods, such as phone numbers, email IDs, and social media accounts viz, Facebook, Google, and several others.

The verification procedure is eradicated which helps the users to save their time. It is also essential to include the ‘password-saving’ component as well in the app so that your users will not have to re-type their passwords.

2. Schedule

Well, a crucial element when building a laundry application just like the Cleanly app is ‘scheduling.’ Customers should be able to select their preferred time when they want to pick up their clothes by using the scheduling option.

Once the time and day have been selected, the laundry will be quickly picked up and delivered to your home. It is effortless for busy people who are not at home every day or don’t have enough time to do their laundry.

3. Estimated Cost

The estimated cost of the laundry is included in the total amount after the customer has filled in the number, type, and service options. It is calculated based on the preferred services.

You must know that services for cotton are less expensive than those for Linen which requires careful washing and ironing. Therefore, if you want to incorporate this feature into your app for laundry, then you will need to hire reliable developers.

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4. Notifications

The customers will be notified of their order updates, promotional offers, and cancellations. Not only service providers but also buyers will benefit from this feature, This feature permits the customers to keep up with the latest upgrades and trends whereas the laundry services will facilitate their previous customers to return again.

5. Order Status

With this feature, customers will get access to track the progress of their orders in real-time with the help of the mobile laundry applications, In order to keep the customers informed, the laundryman should revamp the status of the orders occasionally. With this, customers will feel more confident when they are well aware of where their garments are.

6. Order Cancellation

Seeking help from a single-vendor app development company is the best option you should move forward with as these professionals are ready and highly prepared for every situation.

We understand that some order cancellations are unavoidable, hence the cancellation button should be located at the bottom. The app will send notifications to the admin, delivery, and laundry after the customer has cancelled the order.

7. Payment

Today’s digital world is extremely unpredictable. Nowadays, e-wallets have become universal and widespread, hence it has become crucial to include a payment gateway system in the laundry app.

The feature is convenient for the customers and it saves them time. When they finish their order, they are able to connect it to their bank account or any e-wallet with just a few clicks, Well, cash on delivery or cash payment will not be removed as several people still prefer traditional methods of payment.

Delivery Panel

The delivery panel in a laundry app will include seamless log-in, map, schedule, and customer contact. Let’s learn about them in a bit more detail and comprehensive way.

1. Log-in

Shippers in a multi-vendor e-commerce app require a tailored interface. As a result, there should be a feature to log in as a shipper when signing in, These shippers can manage and schedule their work in this account with their information, including the schedule of the orders and the location. With this, these shippers will be able to stay on track.

2. Map

The map is one of the best and most essential features of the laundry application that shippers will look for when building the app. With this, shippers can demonstrate the actual location of the customers so that they can prepare the quickest route for the delivery and pickup, The interface of this functionality can be developed on Google Maps, allowing the application to take advantage of Google’s extensive database in order to enhance the precision of the location.

3. Schedule

Delivery men should be able to adapt with their work time to the date and time of orders just like players in a game. Players are able to adapt themselves to work time and time for playing the game.

Similarly, the application should have a feature that provides a schedule for when the delivery man will pick up or deliver the order, With this, they will be able to manage and plan their time accordingly. The schedule feature will include reminder functionality as well that will assist everyone that everything is completed on time.

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4. Customer Contact

The feature enables the shipper to connect with their customers directly. You will agree that shippers have to notify their customers about numerous unpredictable situations that may occur when they are travelling.

Shippers can get stuck in the traffic or sometimes not able to locate the accurate location of their customers, hence they need to contact the customers directly, However, shippers must commit not to leak the personal information or contact details of any of their customers.

Laundryman/Admin Panel

The laundryman or admin panel in a laundry app will include a seamless login button, dashboard, and reminders. Let’s learn about them in a bit more detail and comprehensive way.

1. Login

In order to distinguish between customers and admins, every worker requires an independent account type with AI software. These accounts provide them with access to the dashboard that enables them to operate their mobile laundry service business, These accounts have complete authority over the entire application. The admin is able to decide which notifications customers will receive and is able to alter the status of their orders.

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2. Dashboard

The dashboard is the most crucial tool for admins that helps them to operate their apps and make important decisions. The laundry app is just about “You Leave it, We Clean it.” With this motto, these apps should have a perfect dashboard for everyone.

The dashboard has all the information you need, including the details of every order and the performance of the staff. If the laundryman operates and keeps track of the dashboard, they will never overlook their customer’s booking dates.

3. Reminders

Reminders are another one of the most crucial features in laundry app development. This element assists the laundryman not to skip or overlook any chore, and the admins to keep the system operating smoothly as per the schedule, The system will be able to send an automated reminder or notification to the laundryman if a deadline is hovering for ironing.

Process of Laundry App Development Like Cleanly

Well, app development takes less time and you must know that the laundry app market is getting a roaring growth in the upcoming years and it has become the best time to develop the apps for laundry.

No matter if you are a laundry owner or an intrepid developer planning to build an app, this is the most suitable time to do so as the online laundry market is indicating a tremendous potential boost in the future.

Let’s understand how to build a dry cleaning app like Cleanly by following the below-mentioned steps in a careful manner.

1. Plan and Ideation

For implementing any future business idea, planning and ideation are important and so is in the development of the laundry shop app. When you plan to build an app, you are actually bringing the vision of multiple eyes into reality.

Once you are done with the planning, you have to work on the details and start to find the solution to the below-mentioned queries:

  • What is the purpose of the app?
  • Which features should this app contain?
  • Who is your target audience and how your app will help them?
  • Who are your competitors and what can you do to make your app better than them?
  • What unique functionalities you should put in your app?

2. Planning the Budget

Now you have a proper idea of your needs and requirements, and how you want to develop your app for dry cleaning, you should start planning your budget and cost for developing the app which should be aligned with your requirements.

For instance, if you need an app that contains simply important features and nothing unique and advanced functionalities, then, of course, your budget will be less, But if you want to add unique and advanced features to your app in order to make it better than your competitors, then surely, your budget will be high.

If you want to gain assistance on how much you should keep your budget as per the functionalities in your app, make sure to get in touch with professional Android or iOS app development service providers who can guide you thoroughly.

3. Scope of the Project

After you decide on your needs, requirements, and your budget, the next step is to develop the scope of your project. In this phase, you need to allocate a few amount of resources and budget from development to deployment of the application.

You will need to seek help from the best laundry app development company that has experience in building the best app for dry cleaning so that you should never face any problems or issues in the meantime, You should discuss each and every aspect of your app, including the features, advanced functionalities, dashboard, design of the app, terms and conditions, etc. with the experienced developers who will be working on your project.

4. Development of the Laundry App

The laundry mobile app development company will connect you with professional and highly skilled developers and designers to work on your project, The app designers will create design mock-ups and prototypes by following the best design practices. These designs will then be sent to you for your approval, then the development phase will be started.

Once these designs are approved by you, these developers will start developing your app as per your recommendations and requirements. After this, the Quality Assurance team will check for any bugs or errors and get them fixed in order to deliver you the best results.

The app is developed through advanced programming languages in order to provide you with exceptional results. The end product is 100% bug-free and runs seamlessly on every platform and device.

5. Deployment

Last but not least, the process of building your app for laundry is the deployment. Once it has been developed, the app is deployed on the platforms like Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app development companies provide all the data and documentation of the application before it gets deployed on either of the Stores. As a matter of fact, these companies take care of all the functionalities required by the app marketplace.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laundry Application Development

The cost to build an app for laundry services just like Cleanly may differ enormously depending on multiple factors. Understanding these factors is important for budgeting and planning your project efficiently, Therefore, let’s have a closer look at the most important factors that affect the cost of laundry application development. These factors are explained below comprehensively:

1. Wireframe

A wireframe for the mobile application for laundry services can be created by your online on-demand application services at an additional cost. There is an architectural graph known as a wireframe that demonstrates the software development process for a mobile app.

Generally, there are multiple software such as Photoshop, Figma, and several other programs that are used to create wireframes, which raises the expense of the development of laundry apps.

For Any Query:- Seek help and guidance from Software Development Services.

2. Location of Development Team

The total portion of time that is required to complete the code has an impact on the cost of the development of the app for dry cleaning services like Cleanly, The hourly pricing is influenced by the location of the Android or iOS app development team as well.

3. UI/UX Design

Another factor that influences the cost of the laundry app is the UI/UX design. It usually takes multiple testing iterations in order to get a visually beautiful and user-friendly design and interface that provides your target audience with a seamless experience.

Therefore, we can say that the app’s UI/UX design is another sole reason for the increased price of the application. An interactive interface is generally advised as it enables user retention and engagement.

4. App Platform

One of the crucial features that affect the cost of building the custom laundry on-demand application development is the platform. The cost of a mobile application for business differs based on the type of platform, i.e., Android or iOS, What you need to do in this is you should develop the application for just one platform. After this, you can transition to multiple-platform software once it becomes available and popular in the market on a global level.

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5. Maintenance

Maintenance has the utmost impact on the cost of laundry apps that are available on-demand as well. When an application has to be upgraded or improved in order to comply with the prerequisites of the industry, the app maintenance fees may be boosted, The maintenance fees entirely depend on whether the application is maintained by a specific on-demand app development company or by an intrepid developer/entrepreneur.

Remember, the app should adhere to new industry criteria and standards. This function again influences the cost of the app.

For Any Query:- Seek help and guidance from an On-demand App Development Company.

Cost to Develop an App For Laundry Like Cleanly

Well, predicting the cost of laundry application development is a difficult job. There are several crucial elements in the app such as its features, platform, and tech stack that influence the cost of its development, The location of the developers is one of the most significant factors when it comes to the development of a laundry app. However, there is a way to estimate the average cost of the custom mobile app development for laundry.

The cost of building an app for dry cleaning is between USD 8,000 TO USD 25,000. In order to get a more accurate estimate, look at the below table that displays the accurate cost of the app development for laundry based on the level of its complexity.

The cost to develop an app like Cleanly with fully advanced functionalities and specialized features can be around USD 25,000 or even more. Well, the rough estimate for Android app development trends for laundry services is $14,000 or more whereas, for iOS, it can be around $23,000 or more.

However, if you want to develop a customized app like Cleanly, then make sure to contact a laundry app development company that has expertise in building top-quality business applications for laundry services.

The Booming Market of Online Laundry Service

COVID-19 has changed the way people seek to do their most basic activities on a day-to-day basis including laundry. Well, the timing is right to ask a question here, why will anyone risk going out when the laundry services come right at their doorstep?

Yes, folks! The laundry service can come to your door by taking full safety precautions. In the middle of 2020, digital laundry services gained momentum and from 2024 to 2025, the online laundry market is going to show amazing potential growth. Let’s see how:

  • The retail and dry cleaning segment of the US laundry and dry-cleaning service market is expected to reach 5.2 billion dollars by 2025.
  • As the laundry service and dry cleaning market reached $66.842.93 million in 2022 and 2023, it has been predicted that the market will reach a value of $1,14422.80 million by 2030.
  • The market will grow at a CAGR of 6.97% from 2024 to 2030.
  • In 2023, the Home and Laundry Care Market generated total revenue of $195.20 billion, hence the market is expected to grow by 4.20% on an annual basis.
  • Laundry care has become one of the largest market segments with a total volume of $104.00 billion generated in 2023.

Examples of Top 5 Laundry Apps Available

If you want to seek the most popular laundry apps that are just like Cleanly, then we have mentioned some of them below. These apps are just as perfect as Cleanly, Make sure to check out them once before getting started with the development process of your own laundry app. The most suitable apps for dry cleaning services are as follows:

1. Laundryheap

Laundryheap is an app for the service of laundry and promises to deliver your laundry within 24 hours. The app has been developed with the best and most advanced technology and programming languages.

It offers amazing services, including the fastest, most seamless, and most trustworthy dry cleaning and laundry services customized to your accurate needs and requirements, There are multiple services available on this application such as wash and fold, repairs and changes, ironing alone, and several others.

2. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is another app that provides laundry services to innumerable people out there. The app connects everyone who needs these services and those who can provide them, It redirects the orders from clients who require laundry services to the laundry providers in the locality. The consumers are able to resemble and compare the duty person by their price, skills, and reviews.

3. is the best laundry service app that enables you to select a person whom you want to do your laundry, The laundry corporations are charged a fee by this delivery service rather than the consumers. The app levies the laundry service providers a fee for cleaning and delivering the laundry to the customers.

4. Hampr

Hampr is another preferred app for laundry services in the services marketplace that delivers 24-hour backtracking to its consumers, This app is easy to use for everyone and enables people to do their laundry with little or no effort at pocket-friendly rates, Consumers are able to schedule pick-ups and place orders for their laundry with the help of this app.

5. Washmen

Washmen is one of the leading and most efficient apps in the market nowadays for laundry services. With this app, you will be able to have your clean and fresh laundry in less time, After a consumer has scheduled a laundry order via the Washmen app, a Washmen valet will arrive, generally in the evening in order to collect the laundry, The Washmen valet will provide you with multiple bags for the wash and fold apparel that are to be separated from the dry clean ones.

A Quick Review

Remember: It's not just about clean clothes, it's about saving time, reducing stress, and making laundry day a breeze, So, build a laundry app that's as fresh and functional as a crisp white shirt, and watch your users being happy with your mindblowing services.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, unleash your inner laundry exponent, and develop an app that will leave everyone squeaky clean with satisfaction! This blog would have helped you a lot, still, if you have confusion or doubts or want to seek our help for developing your app for laundry, then make sure to contact us and get your app ready with exceptional functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which features should a dry cleaning app contain?

Ans. There are several features that a dry cleaning app will contain. These features are mentioned below:

  • Customer Panel:- sign-up/sign-in, schedule, estimated cost, notifications, order status, order cancellation, and payment.
  • Delivery Panel:- log-in, map, schedule, and customer contact.
  • Laundrymen/Admin Panel:- login, dashboard, reminders.

Q. How do you make a laundry app?

Ans. If you want to develop an app for laundry services, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • Step 1:- Planning and Ideation
  • Step 2:- Planning the Budget
  • Step 3:- Scope of the Project
  • Step 4:- Development
  • Step 5:- Deployment

Q. What is laundry software?

Ans. Laundry management software provides you with robust inventory management features that allow businesses to observe stock levels, automate reordering approaches, and track consumption. It provides real-time inventory visibility, creates alerts or signals for low stock levels, and facilitates procurement techniques.

Q. How does online laundry work?

Ans. A majority of the online laundry services are flexible. This means that they will work around your schedule whereas there are several other laundry services that will collect your dirty laundry for you, and return them to you at your front door. With this, you will never have to visit the location physically to collect your laundry.

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