5 Best App Development Software Platforms Of 2023


Swati Kumari

May 18, 2024

The best mobile app development software makes everything easy, be it coding for the application or deploying it. It makes the whole process simple.

In the world of mobiles, mobile app usage showed tremendous growth, especially among youngsters. When the whole was under lockdown due to COVID, everything turned up to be digital. For every service, you can find a mobile application at the Play Store or app store.

For businesses, mobile apps can help nurture deeper relationships with users and will increase product or service sales and it’s very important to choose the best mobile app development company

Everyone knows that with improved branding, personalization, and user interaction, mobile apps are leading in the market. And especially the e-commerce applications have made the larger part of the internet traffic to come to mobile devices.

 research, in 2022 the market size of the mobile application was valued at USD 206.85 billion and is growing more with an annual growth rate of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030. | ArramtonAccording to the research, in 2022 the market size of the mobile application was valued at USD 206.85 billion and is growing more with an annual growth rate of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030. The demand for applications is more in the fields of gaming, healthcare, music, entertainment, social networking, and e-commerce.  

However, do we know that there are many software in the market for developing a mobile application? You can even get a customized mobile application as per your business to reach out to your targeted audience. You can create your own by yourself from basic templates and configuration. 

Read this guide to learn more about the best software to develop a mobile application along with the advantages of mobile applications for your business.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Software

We can’t deny the fact that mobile applications are faster than websites. If you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business, before choosing any software, you must know the advantages of mobile apps for business purposes.

1. Brand Identity

Developing a mobile application can help your business build a strong brand identity in the market.

Brand Identity Stats | Arramton

Through correct business strategies, the mobile application can serve as a brand ambassador for your product to the customer. It will help your targeted audience get the right service at the right time.

At the same time, a mobile application can help your business learn more about your users through the data collected in the application. 

2. Customer Retention

Mobile app allows businesses to connect with customers without any obstacles. Through push notifications, a business can alert users regarding promotions, sales, and many more engaging events.

Customer Retention stats

Features like geotargeting can help you to interact with customers located near business locations.

Social media plays a vital role in connecting with your customers. Other channels like email or your website will also help you to interact with your customers, but an app gives you another avenue to explore.

According to studies, in 2021, 90% of mobile time is spent on using mobile applications by customers. Smartphone users spent a record 3.8 trillion hours using apps in 2021. 

We all know that we spend more time on mobile applications than any mobile browser or website. The reason is mobile apps are more engaging than other experiences and this will help businesses to deepen their customer engagement of their brand.

Improve Customer Engagement Stats

In addition, the target audience will download the application, which means any business having a mobile application will reach out to the correct audience at the right time.

Features like customer feedback, favorite products, or shopping lists in the application increase customer engagement.

4. Customized Marketing Channel

Every customer wants the brand to be personalized as per their needs. Features like shopping history, customized discounts, and more can help the application interact with the customers more effectively.

Customized Marketing Channel

As a user of an application have you ever gotten a notification wishing you for your birthday or anniversaries? That’s the feature of a mobile app. With this, a mobile app can easily recognize important milestones and interact with the users.

5. Capitalize

An exceptional mobile app can help you to get a larger market share in a specific market. If you need your business to stand out from the crowd, adding innovative communication features like chatbot and feedback will help to do so.

If you have an e-commerce mobile app, creating an application will boost your business and make your brand capitalize on its niche. 

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Best Mobile App Development Software

With a lot of research work, we have listed some of the best mobile application development Platforms that are popular in the market.

1. Appy Pie

Apple Pie best platform to develop mobile apps which allows its users to develop their own apps without any coding. Yes, you got it right. It is the best no-coding app development platform.

The user can find many options and tools that can be used to create the app easily and as per their needs.

Appy Pie dashboard

The whole process is really simple, all a user needs to do is select a design and customize it, add the features, and publish it to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can find features like chatbots, AI, and augmented or virtual reality in order to add to the applications. 

The best part is if the user needs help with the development, they can find a learning platform and training videos that will guide them through the development of the application.

Once the user is done with the application development phase, they can publish the application to the Google Play Store and Apple App stores.


» Provides app analytics

» Multiple features like IAP, push messages, GPS, etc.

» Prototyping tool for Android and iOS.

» Has a radio app builder.


» It is user-friendly and has features like drag and drop.

» Cost-effective as it uses cloud storage

» Developing an app is faster and more robust.


» It needs fast processing devices.

» The designs offered by them are a bit outdated and are not very flexible.

Best for Small, Medium, and Large size businesses.

2. AppSheet

Need to create a bespoke application for your business? Then AppSheet is Best software app development solution. You can create apps for business software solutions without having any developing code.

It is driven by the cloud-hosted data created by the user in a spreadsheet format. Users can simply select a template add on the features and deploy it in the app.

AppSheet Dashboard Image | Arramton

The integration of the data from multiple sources is very, users can import the data from Google Sheets and Forms, Excel, or even the data saved on Dropbox or One Drive.  

The perfect part is you can add features like GPS and maps, image capture, charts, email notifications, code scanning, and many other features.

Starting with the starter package which is around $5 per user per month, a user can select other plans on the basis of features and type of application.


» Offline mode

» Background data synchronization

» Offers centralized management and increased productivity

» With other plans, it offers features of custom branding


» No-code approach

» More accessible and streamlined

» Collaboration features


» Customization options and functionality are less.

» Suitable for highly complex applications

Best for Small, Medium, and Large size businesses.

3. Appery.io

It offers app development platforms for businesses to create their own app and go digitally among their customers. Appery.io Software is Best for Mobile App Development

Their main aim is to speed up and lower the cost of the development process while developing an application. Developing an app is easy as it offers a drag-and-drop interface and a selection of data sources as well as using HTML 5 and JavaScript, but it may take little time as a week.

During this time period, Appery.io set up the installation, configuration, integration, and other things for the completion of the application.

Appery.io dashboard image | Arramton

It is built on an open platform and it also allows multiple applications to be developed on the basis of their need at the same time, which reduces the need for repetition in apps.

User can even change the configuration as per their needs. And it allows flexible development of apps according to the needs of the businesses.

They too offer several packages, starting from the beginner's package for one developer priced at $25 per month which includes, 2 apps and 50k platform API calls per month.   


» Allows 50k to 2000k platform API calls per month

» Feature of team management

» The facility for app backup

» Through custom UI components, it supports personalized and advanced development.


» You can build high-performance business-grade apps.

» You can clear all your doubts with their tutorials.

» Multiple apps from the same base


» One should have basic knowledge of the ionic framework.

» Compared to other no-code builder software, it offers more high-end solutions and it can be a bit expensive.

Best for Medium and Large size businesses.

4. Bizness App

It allows users to build native Android and iOS apps. There is no requirement to have programming knowledge. It also offers add-on features like a private app store, signature, multiple language support, and management of teams.

Bizness App Dashboard Image | Arramton
They offer plans for small businesses that start from $99 per month and other reseller plans as well.


» Offers access to Google Fonts library

» Provides 20 app credits and unlimited PWAs.

» Features like messages, menu, mailing list, etc.

» Easy to understand design engine.


» Well-documented helpdesk articles

» Supportive response

» A layman can also build a fully-featured app

» Good framework

» Update capability is flexible


» A little bit more expensive than other platforms

» Apps are limited in  scope

Best for Small and Medium-sized businesses and freelancers too.

5. Zoho Creator

It is a multi-platform app builder that allows you to create a new app or use an existing one.

Zoho Creator especially aims at businesses that are looking to simplify their tasks and automate at the same time. It is best for small businesses that are looking to develop apps for functions such as sales management, order management, event management, logistics, etc.

Zoho Creator  Dashboard Image | Arramton

Users can customize as per their needs and it includes a drag-and-drop editor to help build the application within a single dashboard.

If your business is for a wider market, you don’t need to worry about it. Zoho Creator is used to develop apps for a wider market with specific needs.

The pricing of the package starts at $20 per user per month which includes 5 apps, 10 BI and analytics workspaces, and 20 integration flows.


» Gain instant access to mobile apps

» Create intuitive reports

» High security

» Can create applications with less effort


» Data tracking is live.

» High-security standards

» Accessible and easy to use

» Flexibility

» Well designed


» Difficult for starters to make complex applications

» Still needs more improvements

Best for Developing applications 10x faster for your business.

Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Software

The crucial step while choosing the right mobile app development software is to decide on which platform you want your app to be developed.

We all know that there are two major platforms: iOS and Android. According to studies, Android has a market share of 70.8% and iOS has a market share of 28.4%.

Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Software | Arramton

Once you have decided on the correct platform for the development of your mobile app, you need to decide the language. Some most popular languages for mobile app development software are Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C.

Java is the most popular programming language for Android development. Swift is the preferred language for iOS development.

In the end, you need to look after some features like:

» Drag-a-drop interface for easy app development

» Built-in debugger for troubleshooting

» Testing framework

» A tool for the deployment of the app

A higher-end software can really cater to every need. So make sure to choose the best software for mobile app development.  


By reading the above blog, you would have understood that Android is one of the most used OS or operating systems in the current modern era. Apart from Android, iOS is also widely used nowadays, but Android still comes at the top. Several programming languages are used for development, including Java, Swift, C#, and HTML.

Hopefully, we were able to make you understand which mobile app development Software is best for you, but still, if you face issues in the same, then you can seek help from experienced app developers both for Android and iOS who, with their skills and expertise in the concerned field can help you immensely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Programming Languages Are Best For Mobile App Development?

Ans. There are several programming languages that are best suited for mobile app development, among which we have come up with some of the few common and most popular ones. These programming languages are mentioned below:

» Java

» Swift

» Kotlin

» JavaScript

» C++

» Python

Q. How Can I Develop A Mobile App?

Ans. You can create a mobile application by following the below-mentioned steps:

» Get your application idea on paper.

» Develop a native application or a PWA based on your requirements and needs.

» Create your application by choosing the most suitable method for your brand or business.

» Generate an application with an application builder with no coding option.

» Examine your application on iOS and Android devices.

» Submit and publish your application on the App Store or Play Store.

Q. Can I Use Python For Mobile Applications?

Ans. Python doesn’t have built-in mobile development potentialities, but there are several packages that you can use in order to generate mobile applications, such as PyQt, Kivy, Beeware’s Toga library, etc. These libraries are all chief and dominant players in the Python mobile ecosystem.

Q. Which Software Is Used For Mobile App Development?

Ans. Java and Kotlin are the programming languages used to develop native Android applications, whereas Objective C and Swift are used for developing native iOS applications. Native applications are able to take advantage of device-oriented software and hardware in order to provide them with highly enhanced results and performances


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