Programming Languages Used in App Development


Pragya Chauhan

Dec 12, 2023

According to data, users all over the world are spending more than 4-5 hours per day on mobile apps. Hence understanding programming languages for App development has become critical.

We rely on our gadgets (especially smartphones) to search the internet and connect with our friends and family. Now, we also use it for online shopping, online transactions, entertainment purposes, and much more.

As we spend a lot of time interacting with apps the demand for app development has also increased as and continuous requirement for a programming language.

Today, countless companies are moving their business online, so the demand for app development will still grow insanely. If you are also thinking about building your own Android or iOS app, then you need to make sure that you will use the right programming language. 

So, if you want to know which programming language you should choose for scaling your business, stick with us to the end.

What is Programming Language in Simple Words?

A programming language is a computer-based language used by developers (programmers) to communicate with computers. It consists of a set of instructions written in any specific language such as Jave, Python, C, and C++ to perform a specific task given by programmers.

A programming language is primarily used to build Custom mobile applications,
desktop applications and websites.

To define a programming language more formally, can be that it is a method or tool programmers or developers use to communicate with and control the functionality of machines, mostly a computer.

Nowadays, multiple programming language is being used by programmers with several new and different features.
So, now let’s talk about the main types of languages and discuss some primary features.

Types of Programming Languages

We can classify the types of languages in many ways, but, we will begin with the most commonly used classification type given below:

1. Low-level languages

Low-level languages closely resemble computer code and are referred to as  ‘Close to hardware’. The benefit of this language is that processors can run low-level programs directly, without an interpreter as well as the compiler.

This is the reason why the programs written in low-level languages are super fast to run.
Some examples of low-level programming languages are- Machine language and Assembly language.

2. Middle-level language (MLL)

Middle-level language (MLL) works as the bridge between the raw hardware and the program by interacting with the abstraction layer of a computer system. Intermediate programming language and Pseudo language are other names of Midium-level language.

Examples of this programming language are C, Java, and C++

3. High-level languages

High-level languages are also designed to be used by programmers or developers. The programming style and context of these languages are easier to understand and implement. The entire code of this programming language usually focuses on the certain programs to be created.

These languages do not require addressing hardware constraints when building a program. But, every single program written in this language must be interpreted into machine language before being implemented by the computer.

A few examples of high-level languages are JavaScript, Python, and BASIC.

There are various other ways to define categories of languages, such as Procedural language, functional programming language, object-oriented programming language, logic languages, and more.

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The Top 5 Programming Languages for Future

In this ever-evolving world of technology, organizations keep changing their technologies resulting in relying on languages. Organizations are achieving their business goals way faster with advancements in languages and with being up-to-date in their industry.

If you run a business or you are aspiring to become a programmer and want to be in most demanding, then you need to have a good understanding of languages and which languages are going to be most in demand in the future.

After conducting thorough research, I have selected the top 5 programming languages for the future which are listed below:

1. Python

Python is one of the most popular language in today’s world. It is a server-side language with a wide range of applications to boast about. Python can help you with everything from simple scripting to advanced web applications.

It is also very easy to learn and use for developers in various programming styles including reflecting, functional, etc. According to the sources, it is considered to be one of the easiest and most marketable languages to learn. 

2. JavaScript

If the objective is to create dynamic website elements such as animated graphics, and maps, JavaScript is considered as an ideal programming language.

We can predict its future scope as this language is extensively used in website development, building web servers, game development, and more.

3. Java

Jave is another ideal programming language if you want to learn web development, app development, and more.

With an object-oriented programming structure, this is a general-purpose programming language that is owned by Oracle Corporation.

4. C#

The reason behind the increasing popularity of C# is its ability to support the concepts of object-oriented programming. C# is one of my top 5 languages for the future, as it is considered to be ideal for Windows, Android app development as well as iOS app development.

5. C++

C++ has great potential for future opportunities, as it comes with appealing features such as data abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, and many more.

This language is mostly used by programmers in developing desktop applications, 3D game development, GUI application development, and in building real-time programming solutions.

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Programming Languages used in Android App Development

Android app development has grown tremendously since its in 2008 and now makes up 97% of the smartphone market share.

It is a cornerstone of the mobile application development industry. If you want to build a scalable Android application in the app development industry, it is important to understand which languages can be used for Android app development.

Below, I have added the top 5 Android development Langauage used in

1. Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the popular languages used by top companies for Android app development. It is a statically typed programming language that was developed by JetBrains.

This language has concise code syntax that makes it easy to understand and is one of the most commonly used options for Android app developers. 

Kotlin can be compiled into JavaScript or native code and runs on the Java Virtual machine (JVM).

Below are a few pros of using Kotlin for your next project:

» Faster compilation

» Easier to understand

» Easier to read code

» Concise set of libraries

There are multiple benefits of choosing Kotlin, such as it’s an advanced language without too much outdated baggage, which makes it simpler with fewer confusing features.

Additionally, with this language, you may have an easier time scaling your application to multiple devices.

2. Java

Java was designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible, so it is a general-purpose programming language. This makes it beneficial as well as usable across many different mobile application development platforms.

It is one of the most popular Android app development languages because of its simplicity and availability of the best resources to learn Java. As it is one of the most widely used programming language, you can get started with it very easily.

It is also compatible with many different platforms which makes it useful for multiple opening systems and you are most comfortable with.

Along with Kotlin, Java is an ideal choice for developers who want to build an Android application. If you will release your app on the Play Store then it needs to be compatible and Java just does that. It provides the best compatibility for applications on Android platforms or devices.

3. Python

Python is Best language for app development. Using Python framework for Android app development provides many benefits. Python programs unlike other programming language are instantly executed by an interpreter, without any compiler.

It makes Python an ideal language for programming as it takes less time to implement.

It also completely supports prototype development and allows developers to build apps directly from prototypes by refactoring them. Additionally, Python is compatible with multiple OS, so it can be used to create and run code on a variety of platforms.  

If you create a Python-based mobile application then it will also allow you to select modules from its wide library of helpful, and robust libraries based on your requirements for any coding.

Further, as a community is essential in the development of a language, Python has a very active community that creates and provides unlimited resources such as guides, tutorials, and documentation which gives it additional benefits.

4. C++

C++ is considered to be one of the top programming language for Android app development because it provides a simple and easy-to-use syntax. Other industries such as game development, machine learning, and desktop applications also use C++

Swift, which is a high-level general-purpose programming language designed by Apple as a successor to Objective-C was heavily influenced by C++.

It is important to note that C++ can be used for both Android and iOS application development and it has multiple features that make it a great choice for creating intuitive interfaces.

However, C++ is useful for Android app development in a few cases, it can be much more difficult to set up. Also, it may lead to more bugs because of the complexity. So, it is recommended to use Java as compared to C++ as it does not provide enough benefits to offset the efforts required. 

5. C#

C# was developed by Microsoft as an evolution of the C and C++ languages. This language was designed to be a powerful, advanced programming language for use in app development, desktop applications, and mobile apps. Nowadays, C# is another popular choice of developers for Android app development.

With the use of C#, developers can write their programs in a simpler and precise way that can be easily understood and read by other programmers.

It is easy to get started for anyone wanting to learn C# and start writing code, even without having much experience and knowledge about different codes.

Additionally, the major reason why it is the ideal choice among app developers is that Microsoft offers tools for all steps of the development process.

So, the above-mentioned were the top selected languages used in Android app development.

Programming Language used in iOS App Development

Apple has become a giant in the market of iOS app development. In 2007, Apple launched os the first iPhone 2007, and ever since then, the company has amassed quite a client base.

Today, more than 1 billion devices run iOS and Apple’s App Store is the second largest and most popular store with over 1.6 million mobile apps.

Now, we clearly can see the potential of iOS app development that developers see in the Apple ecosystem.

After having a closer look at the top 5 programming languages used in Android app development, let’s examine which languages are the best when it comes to iOS app development.

1. Swift

As we have already mentioned above, Swift is a high-level general-purpose programming language designed by Apple.

The objective behind developing this language is to build applications for all of Apple’s operating systems, such as iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

Additionally, Apple created Swift to make it easier and faster for developers to create apps in the Apple ecosystem.

Swift works with multiple frameworks such as Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, AVFounadtion, CloudKit, and many more.

According to the Tiobe index, Swift is ranked 11th as of January 2023.

2. Objective C

Objective C is another general-purpose programming language that is a superset of C. This language has been in the industry since 1980 and has become the primary language for the NeXTSTEP operating system.

This language was also used to develop OS X and iOS, and their APIs. So, it suggests that it can be also used in building iOS applications.

According to the sources, Objective C is the 23rd most famous programming language as of January 2023.

As it is an old and relatively outdated programming language, a developer should only consider it if they are using it for building applications for older iOS devices. Considering Swift instead Objective C might be an ideal choice if a developer wants to create apps for current and future iOS devices.

3. Java

As we have discussed above, Java is a general-purpose, class-based as well as object-oriented programming language. It was created in 1995 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems.

As it is a general-purpose language, Java can be used in creating iOS and Android applications by developers. The key highlight of this language is that its code does not require recompilation to run on any platform, which makes it a reliable and quick cross-platform programming language.

Java works the same as C#, these languages require a framework to port the code to something related that iOS understands.

4. JavaScript + React Native

JavaScript is yet another of the best programming languages. It is versatile for multiple types of projects. It is also known to be quick and adept at developing high-quality user interfaces and experiences.

With React Native, which is a cross-platform framework, developers can use JavaScript to create native iOS applications.

JavaScript, as an iOS app development language, leveraging the React Native framework may not create an ideal iPhone app in terms of performance, however, it does allow developers familiar with JavaScript as well as React Native to create an iPhone application without having to learn a full new language.

5. C#

As we have already discussed earlier, C# is another object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft in 2000. But, it was not meant to be a programming language for iOS applications before Xamarin came along.

Xamarin is a hybrid application framework created on C# that allows developers to share most of the code between applications for different specific target platforms.

Java and C# is a quite similar language. C# also implements garbage collection as Java, so there are fewer chances of memory leaks. With a cleaner and simpler syntax, this language makes coding comparatively easier.


In summary, we have discussed different types of programming languages, a few best languages for Android app development as well as iOS app development. We have also defined what programming language is, in the simplest way. Lastly, no matter what language you decide for you or your business, you will most likely spend hours of time and money if you hire developers. In that case, I’d suggest going with an App development agency.

Arramton can help you build an Android app as well as an iOS app and take your business to the highest possible level. We have a team of Android developers and iOS developers who create exceptional Android and iOS applications for the B2B/B2E and B2C segments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What languages can be used in App development?

Ans. Objective-C and Swift are popularly used languages for iOS app development. Java is the official language for Android app development. But apart from Java, other languages like Python and Kotlin can also be used. Various tools are available for learning how to code an application, including Appmakr, ImageX, Flutter, Xamarin, IntelliJ, and AppyPie.

Q 2. Can Python be used in App development?

Ans. Python is one of the best and most popular programming languages for app development. This is because it is simple, flexible, and easy to use. Developers find it simple as there are effortless solutions for each coding error.

Q 3. Is Java better than Python?

Ans. Java and Python are the most popular, essential, and vigorous programming languages. When comparing both, Java is generally quick and more productive than Python as it is a compiled language.


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