How And Why Should You Use Google Ads For Your Business?


Pragya Chauhan

Jun 20, 2024

There is no questioning the fact that Google Ads can help you immensely in achieving your goals. If you want this too for boosting the growth of your business, then mak e sure to read this blog which will help you to learn how and why should you use Google Ads & What are the benefits of Google ads for escalating the growth of your business so that your company can perform better in today’s digital world.


What are Google Ads?

Each time you see an ad for the landing page of a company that is ranking first, second, or third on the search engine results page or SERPs on a Google search, it is not just because of a good SEO or Search Engine Optimization Benefits but the company also has initiated their Google ads vs Facebook ads campaign.

Google Ads was formerly known as Google AdWords. You need to pay in order to have a Google Ad for your business. These ads will be displayed to your users who will search for pertinent terms on Google Search and Maps.

For any business that is looking to get a significant Ad copy in front of its targeted users, Google advertising is the most crucial digital marketing tool. With the help of Google Ads, you only pay for actual, measurable results like business calls and website clicks. This structure is considered a Pay-per-click or PPC campaign or marketing.

You are able to set a monthly Google Ads campaign ad-spend cap that Google will impulsively follow, and you will need to select in order to make your targeted users locAren’t you using Google Ads for running your business seamlessly? You must use it efficiently with the help of today’s blog which will revolve around how google ads works and why should you use Google Ads to run your business smoothly and hassle-free.

Evolution of Google Ads for Businesses

Over the last few decades, the economy has seen a significant change in the marketing industry. The one platform that has contributed to this transition is Google Ads or AdWords. Google Ads is a pay-per-click or PPC tool that enables marketing experts and entrepreneurs to promote and market their brands digitally.

A visual representation of the internet's history timeline, showcasing its evolution and significant milestones.If you want to reach your targeted audience who are interested in purchasing your products and services, then marketing is just for you. Nothing is better than reaching your audience by advertising on one of the most popular search engines, i.e., Google ads vs Facebook ads.

Among Google’s other trendy and valuable marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Trends, Google Ads has become a remarkable and efficient method of digital advertising. With the help of Google Ads, businesses are able to reach the target audience.

These audiences use Google in order to search for a piece of information, products and services online. With this, Google Ads are able to send you a large audience who are searching for the products and services online you are providing.

In short, Google Advertising or Google AdWords is a pay-per-click model that ranks your content at the top of the SERP, or Search Engine Results Page that will generally be based on your targeted keywords.

This digital marketing tool is a fantastic approach for any business to reach its target audience with specific and relevant messaging. You are presented with immense outcomes, like website clicks, as the campaign is running, such as website clicks.

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Benefits of Google Ads for Business Growth

You would have understood what benefits of google ads are exactly. Isn’t it? Now let’s head on to discuss why should you use Google Ads in your digital marketing strategy and what are the benefits of google ads . All the reasons are explained below in a comprehensive manner.

7 facts about Google Ads: Boost your business growth with effective online advertising strategies

If you want to generate your leads, then Google Ads is the best tool that you will require. Only if your campaigns are set up perfectly, they have the capability to send targeted leads to your website.

A highlighted search bar on the dashboard dashboard, allowing users to search for specific informationGoogle Ads permits you to focus on the people who have been searching for your business offerings. But what does it mean? It simply means that you are able to consistently refine your searches. This will help your targeted audience to buy your products and services that are sent to your websites with the help of this platform.

2. Get A High Return On Your Investment

You must seek help or hire professional digital marketing services for this part of the blog. Unlike other digital marketing tactics, Google Advertising will only make you pay for those Ads on which your users have clicked. As you will enhance your Google Ads campaign, you will surely get a high return on your investment. This may not be possible with other marketing tools and strategies.

Nevertheless, this thing takes time. As a result, you must find out the correct approach which will suit you and your business. If you are determined to know what will provide you the better results, then make sure to target and track your campaigns. Google Ads are the best for this. This is because it is transparent and all the information and details that you need are available here.

Determining which ad campaign has a higher ROI is crucial for optimizing marketing strategiesYou must focus on your budget and efforts once you decode your areas of campaigns that will provide you with a good return on the investment. You must discard those campaigns or parts of a campaign that are costing you money but producing no end results. Make sure to invest in those savings which are successful campaigns that you will test in your future. How Goggle ads works.

3. Flexible Marketing Platform

If you are using Google Ads consistently, then you will know that it is a crucial and flexible tool for digital marketing. It is capable and competent for all enterprises. You are able to turn your online traffic on and off with the help of this system.

Not only this, but Google Ads are also compatible with a variety of other platforms for digital marketing and software systems. You are able to customise your campaigns seamlessly in order to focus on particular types of online users.

Image showing Google Shopping Ads with various products displayed for online shoppingFor instance, you are able to target people with the help of their location, the type of device they are using and which Google-owned website they are currently viewing. For example, Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and many others. You are also able to set your own budget for particular areas of a campaign.

4. Fast And Transparent Results

In order to deliver quick, effective, and transparent results and reports, Google Ads are essentially required. It is easy and effortless to examine and inspect the progress of your campaigns in the digital marketing growth hacking approach.

This is because the dashboard will provide you with all the information and details that will be related to your every campaign. For instance, Ads clicked, keywords, website visitors, and the cost of clicks.

Google Analytics dashboard displaying website traffic, user behavior, and conversion dataThese are some of the best features that make benefits of google ads an exceptionally intuitive and transparent system.

5. High-Quality Traffic Sources

The search giant is able to send businesses a huge amount and high-quality traffic every day due to Google’s market dominance and enormous customer base. This can be done only if those businesses have the budget for it.

It is pride and joy for Google to display specific and relevant Ads and content, and the company or an enterprise continues to evolve and enhance its search engine algorithms in order to produce the most relevant search results and Ads.

Top channels for organic search. Google: 60%, Bing: 25%, Yahoo: 10%, Others: 5%For businesses that have been advertising with the help of Google Ads, this can be a positive effect for them. This is because these Ads send high-quality visitors and leads to your website, e-commerce store, and other online assets.

Those users that Google sends you are mostly those users who are coming from other sources to become customers.

6. Explore More About Your Market

It is very crucial to get into the minds of your target audience or customers. If you want to make a deal with your customers and explore what they want or are in need of, then understanding your audience will help you a lot.

Nevertheless, this is not that easy as conventional methods like questionnaires and interviews are only able to produce limited results and outcomes. On the other hand, Google Ads provides businesses about the habits and requirements of their customers.

Online platforms: Google search, YouTube, and Google Ads logos displayed together

There are several valuable data that Google Ads helps you to learn about your customers which include the keywords they are using in order to find your website, their location, the devices they are using, and the days and time they are taking in order to complete the search.

You are able to use this information to enhance your services and products in order to filter your efforts for online advertising. This comes under the effective types of digital marketing which offers the businesses utmost assistance. This will help you to save your money from wasting it on advertising to those people who are not interested in what your company is offering.

Google Ads deals with millions of searches per day by Internet users as a result, it is considered one of the most powerful advertising tools ever created. It provides business owners with a special and distinctive opportunity to convert multiple individuals into business leads and customers.

Multiple businesses and enterprises have been turned off by the expense of advertising on Google Ads, especially if they are not familiar with how Google ads works. Nevertheless, rewards from Google Ads can be enormous if you are smart enough and know about your digital advertising tactics.

Types Of Google Ads

Google Ads are predominantly a crucial part of PPC campaigns in digital marketing and so are its types. There are five types of Google Ads that are mentioned below.

Four stages of search ads: research, planning, execution, and analysis

1. Search Network Campaign

With the help of a search network campaign, your Ad will appear on not only Google Search and Maps but also on several other Google Search partners, i.e., YouTube and Google Shopping. Whenever your users search terms that will be related to a keyword for your campaign, then they will be able to see your ad.

2. Display Network Campaign

With the help of a display network campaign, you will get visual Ads in front of the individuals who will be using your products in the Google Display Network, i.e., Gmail and YouTube.

3. Shopping Campaign

With the help of a shopping campaign via omnichannel retailing, Google will use the data of your web store’s product, instead of a user’s keyword in order to demonstrate where and how within Google Shopping in order to display your Ad.

4. Video Campaign

With the help of a Video campaign, your company or business will be promoted through a video ad that will be displayed on YouTube and other Google Display Network Properties.

5. App Campaign

With the help of an app campaign, your Ad will be displayed on YouTube, Google Search, AdMob, Google Play, Google Discover, Google Display Network, Google ads vs Facebook ads Google search's partners and several other publishers that display the App Ads.

How Does Google Ads Work?

As you have understood several things about Google Ads, let’s move on to understand how it works. At the initial stage of the embarkment on the Google Ad spend, you will need to answer the goals that you are aiming to achieve. The questions asked by Google are mentioned below:

A flowchart showing the Google ad work process, from keyword research to ad creation and campaign optimization

» Increase calls to your business

» Direct more visitors to your online store.

» Guide individuals to your website or business landing page.

After the above steps have been completed, you will need to determine whether your Ad copy will be delivered to a local audience or global. After that, you will need to use three short sentences or images in order to tell Google what makes your business unique and stand out from the crowd of the other competitors.

Lastly, you will need to set up your budget which Google will predict the success of your Google advertising campaign and then Google will take your Ad live. Your targeted customers will be able to perceive your Ad and rank high in the GMB listing and appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page, i.e. SERPs.

Just as many people will click on your PPC campaign Ads, your business will be able to come closer to fulfilling your aims and objectives and most importantly its preset budget.

How To Set Up A Google Ads Campaign?

If you want to set up your Google Ads campaign, then make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps:

A visual guide showing the layout of a Google Ads campaign structure with different ad groups and keywords» Login to your account on Google Ads.

» On the left-hand side, click on the campaigns button.

» Click on the plus button.

» Select “New Campaign.”

» Choose your advertising objective.

» Select your conversion goals. You are able to add multiple goals by choosing “Add Another Goal,” or delete a goal by using the delete button.

» Select a campaign type.

» Select a subtype, if applicable to your campaign.

» Click on the continue button.

» Decide your campaign settings, set up your Ad groups and generate your Ads.

» Click on save and continue.

Why Should Businesses Use These Google Ads?

A company is able to experience skyrocketing growth in digital traffic, call volume, and in-store traffic with the help of the right campaign. Businesses are able to enhance and analyze their campaigns in order to reach their target audience and achieve all their objectives by using the data that are provided by Google Ads, highlighting the effectiveness of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads in reaching potential customers.

These Google Ads can be customized in order to fit any budget, irrespective of the size of the company or the resources that are available. You must know how google ads works that your expenditure can be paused and discontinued at any time.

In addition to this, there are tons of other businesses that use Google Ads in order to advertise their brands. As a result, businesses must generate campaigns so that they can outperform their competitors.


As you see there are many benefits of google ads, From search campaigns to shopping advertisements, you can create a wide range of campaigns for both your customers and the target audience. You can undoubtedly create a profitable marketing campaign for your business by using all the potentialities that Google Ads has to offer.

From search campaigns to shopping advertisements, you can create a wide range of campaigns for both your customers and the target audience. You can undoubtedly create a profitable marketing campaign for your business by using all the potentialities that Google Ads has to offer.

With the help of this blog, you would have understood all that you need to know regarding how and why you should use Google ads for your business or an enterprise. We hope that we were able to clear all your doubts and confusion regarding this subject matter. If you want to know more about this, then you must contact and get in touch with a digital marketing company who with the help of their skilled and experienced professionals can help you immensely in this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How Do I Use Google Ads For My Business?

Ans. You can use Google ads for your business by following the below-mentioned steps:

» Elaborate on a winning goal.

» Select your business name and keywords.

» Select your potential users and target audience.

» Craft a stunning ad.

» Set up your billing.

Q 2. What Are benefits of google ads, And How Does It Works?

Ans. Google AdWords authorizes businesses to pick out users on two main networks, i.e., the search and the display network. Advertisers bid on the pertinent keywords on the search network. This showcases their ads to the users who enter those keywords on Google as part of the searched question.

Q 3. Is Google Ads Free To Use?

Ans. On the search results pages, you can showcase your ads of those users who carried out a search for some keywords or long-tail keywords that you have allocated to your ad strategy.

Q4. How Effective Are Google Ads For Your Business?

Ans. PPC advertising solutions such as Google Ads are amazingly effective when it comes to assisting you in reaching your multiple marketing objectives. They will help you to get sales, drive traffic, and help you to raise awareness when it comes to your business or brand. This will work especially when your ads are well-optimized and well-written.

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